Barry Milliken, Architect

Project Phases

I outline each step in the overall process below:

Design Phase:

a. Preliminary Design: I meet with you to understand your objectives in detail. I photograph and measure what already exists on site. I research all legal restrictions (zoning and environmental) that apply. Then I develop two or more basic schemes in two and three dimensions for further discussion. The number of schemes depends on the complexity of the project, and what you ask for. We meet to discuss these schemes and consider any changes you may want.

b. Final Design: I take your feedback and incorporate it into the scheme or schemes you prefer.

c. Construction Drawings: Once you agree on a final scheme, I then can prepare all the drawings required for obtaining construction bids and a building permit. These include Plans (site plan; floor plans showing architectural, structural, plumbing, and electrical information); Elevations and Cross Sections; and certain details like wall sections, hurricane connections and an energy analysis. I also include a specification listing all materials and manufactured items needed for the project. Lastly, I also include full 3D renderings from several points of view and sometimes 3D renderings of complex details as well. These help town officials and contractors to understand the design.

d. Custom Detail Drawings: If you desire custom design at a more detailed level, I can also provide detailed design drawings for custom stairs, built-ins, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, patios and decks, etc.

Bidding Phase:

At your option I can assist you in selecting contractors and reviewing their bids. I am independent and so have no business relationships with any contractor. My obligation is to represent your interests in obtaining quality competitive bids.

Permitting Phase:

The contractor you select normally has the responsibility to obtain the building permit. It must be obtained before work can begin. For simple projects you can apply for permits yourself. But if your project involves septic permits, is near wetlands, or requires variances, it may be advisable to hire a permit expeditor. To find out more about building permits on Long Island, click on this link: Nassau and Suffolk Building Permits

Construction Phase:

At your option I can visit the construction site at regular intervals to observe the work, and advise you and the contractor on design questions or late changes you might want, prepare punch lists of incomplete work and verify that what is being built follows the approved drawings.


After you are living in the completed home for a few months, I like to visit and get your feedback on all aspects of the finished product.