Barry Milliken, Architect

Beach Houses: Fire Island Redo

Scheme A from above

Redo and Expansion,

Fire Island NY.

My client bought a small one story beach house with a hipped roof. He wanted to expand while keeping the original character. I developed 9 schemes. The two schemes shown here are A: a one story expansion, and B a second story addition.

Scheme B from above

Scheme A from SE

< Scheme A extends the first floor at both ends and adds a screened porch to make an L shaped hip roof. The slightly darker roof and deck indicates the existing structure.

>Scheme B raises the house and inserts a new bedroom floor below. Add a screened porch on the side of the upper floor and a new upper deck accessed by ramps entering from the south.

Scheme B from SW

Scheme A Floor Plan

Scheme B First Floor Plan

Scheme B Second Floor Plan