Barry Milliken

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NY City and Long Island

My Focus:

My work focuses primarily on single family residential projects in Long Island and New York City. This includes new homes, home additions large and small, apartment combinations and renovations and custom interior design including built-in cabinetry. For examples of each of these project types, click on the Projects tab above.

Professional Qualifications:

Registered Architect, New York State.

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Toronto.

MBA, Columbia University.

Special Expertise:

I have extensive experience designing waterfront and beachfront houses requiring complex environmental approvals and specialized hurricane resistant structural techniques.

Design Approach:

I emphasize collaboration with you to achieve your functional goals, in a style you prefer, within your budget and in accordance with site and legal constraints. To maximize your participation:

  • I frequently email drawings (pdf) and renderings (jpg) as I work to encourage feedback and generate ideas.

  • I develop several schemes as 3D computer models. This means I send many instant exterior renderings from any point of view to help you visualize each scheme and variation. Most architects draw one or two renderings for a project. Only a few architects can easily produce as many as I do. This enables a collaborative design process with my clients.

  • My design plans always show your actual furniture to best convey the size of each space.

The first scheme I prepare is usually the least expensive solution consistent with your objectives. We can move up from there as you choose.

Project Phases:

All Design and Construction Projects proceed in phases. Click on the Button Below for more information:

Computer Skills:

For many years I have been among the most advanced architects in the application of computer aided design and communications technology to my work. This has a profound effect on the services I provide to you. My expertise in the use of 3D design software

  • makes it easier for my clients to understand my designs,

  • significantly speeds the design process, and

  • improves the accuracy of my construction drawings.

For the projects on this website I typically show many more renderings than photos. You need to see what your project will look like before it is built. Any architect can operate a camera after construction is complete. But even then, an aerial 3D rendering can show more about how a structure fits together than half a dozen ground level photos.

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